don’t wear the dress. People mean well. Of course with my trust issues, I only take some advice. So when one of my closest friends was giving me interviewing tips, I took all of them in. I even wrote them down. …

you dodged the bullet

Sometimes I think about the opportunities missed.

Think of the gulf of kisses I could drown in.

Think of the bear hug I could sleep in…

I was never obese in my entire life until marriage. Yes, I have a family history of obesity, diabetes, heart problems, food lovers, etc., but I have always been smaller than everyone in my family. Because of the fear of gaining weight in my younger life, I watched what I…

You say you’ve traveled to Colorado.

You’ve been in the snow,


But, you’ve never experience the chills that I get when I’m with you.


Your stares are empty.

look at these words,

just the formation,

perfect & thin.

they fly away when the wind blows lightly-

they’re fragile little things that don’t mean

a thing.

what counts are…

Photo by Ahmad Omari on Unsplash

January has always been one of the most challenging months for me. I’m not sure if it’s the start of the new year, new expectations that I set for myself or the fact that the holidays are over until February. It’s actually pretty sad, that we, consumers, wait for holidays…

Usually, my dreams are vivid and full of random things. I’m assuming everybody else has dreams as crazy as mine. I try not to pay so much attention to them, since I can never make sense of them. However, about 2 weeks ago, I dreamt of a dead bird. Honestly…

The joy (for many of us) of spending time with family exponentially increases during the Christmas holidays. We gather together, feast, chat, laugh, and get tipsy while listening to our favorite jams. Christmas lights, décor, and everything in between warms my heart to the max. …

Reaching out for you

Taking you all in

Smiling at your smile

Wondering why you’re here -

Waking up

Pain in my chest

It’s too late now.

So, in one of my previous posts, I write about the electric stove my husband purchased and how I’m supposed to learn all these recipes to try out on my brand new stove.

Well, it’s here. The stove has arrived…I swear, I had family members calling me to keep track…


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